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Each week, I will be featuring Her Sports Rounds, a blog round-up of the best postings on women’s sports.

From stories of the best athletes to funny YouTube videos and Presidential nominees’ comments on Title IX, the women’s sports blogosphere brought a lot of great information to the table this week!

Sheila Weaver over at She Loves Sports reports on Europe’s sports woman of the year, Olympic pole vault champion and world record holder Yelena Isinbayeva.

At the Athletic Women Blog, Rob Mars posts a video of female athletes (namely Vicki Unus) in the circus from the 1960’s. Totally cool!

Over at C and R’s Stanford Women’s Basketball Blog, there are some funny YouTube videos that made me laugh – and wish I were somewhere near Stanford to see their games. My favorite is the Media Day video, found here.

Over at The Final Sprint, U.S. middle distance runner Sara Hall blogs about how she is re-inspired and motivated to start a new season.

Over at the Title IX blog, Kris discusses Senator McCain’s comment on Title IX and his concern for popular athletic programs that have been cut due to the need for equal funding for male and female athletic programs. Kris says,

“I have yet to see (though would be happy to) an athletic department that is equally funding its men’s and women’s programs.”

At Pretty Tough, Jane Schonberger praises Sports Illustrated for Faces in the Crowd, which covers females and males equally (shocker – because this publication usually doesn’t). Jane says,

“In addition to featuring athletes in sports such as soccer, volleyball and cross country, the magazine highlights girls who are participating in less traditional pursuits.”

Over at Women Like Sports, in her “Tales from the Inbox” post, Apryl Delancey discusses Lyndsey D’Arcangelo‘s new book, The Trouble with Emily Dickinson, and the Women’s Sports Foundation’s V is for Victory video campaign.

At the Women’s Hoops blog, Steve posts about Northwestern’s new coach Joe McKeown. Steve says, “seems to me he’s a good fit for the place.”

Over at the Women’s Sports blog, they discuss how Lorena Ochoa was featured in the Mexican version of British gossip mag Hello!. They say,

“It gives  lie to the yammerers who keep insisting she’s not that popular in the U.S. because she’s ‘unattractive,’ while at the same time emphasizes stereotypical class privilege and femininity at the expense of being real.  Ah, the magazine industry.”

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I recently came across an article from the Title IX blog which discusses how female kicker Kacy Stuart, a prospective high school place-kicker in Georgia, was dismissed from the New Creation Center Crusaders, a private Christian academy in McDonough, Ga.

Why? Because she’s a girl.

And here’s the kicker (hehe)…. she can kick 50 yard field goals!

Apparently she had been practicing with the Crusaders for two months. According to Kacy’s mother, that all ended when executive board chairman Hank St. Denis discovered a girl was playing on the team.

“St. Denis then requested Kacy not be allowed to play, effectively overturning New Creation’s decision to grant her a spot on the team,” says ESPN.

Now, that doesn’t sound very “Christian” to me.

This is all very different from Kacy’s middle school experience. At Union Grove Middle School, a public institution, Kacy and her team went to the state finals.

According to an article in Current, Kacy’s talent was discovered by her high school gym teacher.

“I was playing kickball in 8th grade and my P.E. teacher saw me kick. He thought I had potential, so I played on his football team,” Kacy said.

Kacy’s mother said,

“We’ll file for an injunction if we have to. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep her on the team.”

Love her!

Here’s Kacy’s view of the whole thing…

Kacy says sometimes people ask her why she doesn’t play a “girl” sport, or why she’s not a cheerleader. “People were built for different things,” she said. “I’m built to be a kicker. I just don’t understand why people don’t accept the fact that I like football and I want to play football.”

Go Kacy! I hope you win! You deserve to be out there.

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