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When the passion strikes me, I will occasionally be providing you with a roundup of some of the dumbest things I see on sports blogs. Apparently, some men feel the need to make degrading comments about women online.

What’s even more entertaining (to me) is how much money they’re making off of content such as this. Some of these blogs are worth over $15 million.

Can you believe that?

So this is an effort to show these guys exactly how dumb they look, even online.

WARNING: Some of these sites get paid based upon how many comments are up on their sites, so use discretion when deciding whether or not to comment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

1) Pat Gray, Your Eyes Will Bleed:

“There seems to be a big “girl-power” push going on now though. In yesterday’s USA Today, they devoted an entire section to women pioneers in sports. Like Billie Jean King’s 1973 tennis victory over Bobby Riggs. Big deal. She was 29, and at the height of her career. He was 55 years old, and only won a couple major tournaments in the 30’s and 40’s! If she HADN’T beaten him, THEN you’ve got a story.”

Actually Pat, the BIG DEAL is that Title IX passed just before that match. Title IX AND Billie Jean King sparked a revolution for women that continued in sports 35 years later. The “clue phone” is ringing. I think you should answer it.

2) Deadspin posted on Jaime Nared, who was recently kicked off her mixed-gender basketball team in Portland, Oregon. Comments include:

(Big Slim Shade) “A girl playing basketball? What will they think of next?”

(Afino) “Take it while you can get it now, girl, because it’s all downhill from here in terms of people who give a shit about women playing basketball!”

Laugh it up, guys. Good thing Deadspin gives you a place to poke fun among intellectuals. This girl would kick all of your a$$es if you played her. And she’s what? Only 14 years old?

3) Again, from Deadspin (are we noticing a pattern here?). This blogger posted on a women’s hockey game, where Slovakia beat Bulgaria, 82-0. They oh-so-thoughtfully provided video and commentary,

“Contrary to what you probably thought, the Bulgarians can actually skate. Although figuring out what those stick things are for seems to be another matter.”

Again, the comments were yet another example of how supportive these readers are of women’s sports.

“That’s really not very lady-like.” (the earl of weaver) and “The goalie would have been better off just lying prostrate across the ice.” (Dan Daoust)

4) Larry Brown from Larry Brown Sports posted on 9/19 about how the Los Angeles Kings are holding tryouts for ice hockey girls (think Laker girls for ice hockey). Anyway, he certainly had no filter when discussing this piece of news.

“You might be inclined to go with the Laker girls over the Kings ice girls at first reaction, but I might have to change my initial thought based on what I saw from the Kings tryouts that took place recently. I’m not exactly sure what role ice girls have at a hockey game, but I’m all for anything that brings extra skin to a sporting event. The Kings have said that they’re looking for girls that will help represent the team as well as possible. My advice for them: You can teach anyone to skate better, but you can’t teach hotness. Feel me? Check out some of the talent on the ice

Hey Larry, I bet these girls make more money that you do. Maybe they’re in better shape, too?

5) on 205th also discussed ice hockey girls, with some awesome commentary.

“Dallas + Ice Girls doesn’t really make much sense to me, you know since there is no ice in Dallas, except in drinks, but then again ice hockey in Tampa Bay doesn’t make sense either. Hey look, boobies!!”
(below this comment there was a picture of the cheerleaders on a boat at a lake)

Wow. Really cool. These girls make money off of you idiots.


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The Women’s Professional Soccer league (WPS) held its allocation ceremony yesterday, announcing that 21 U.S. National Team players (the best women in the country) will be distributed among seven teams in the league, scheduled to debut in April.

This is great news, and I’m excited for this league to draw some much-needed attention. In fact, WPS already has garnered some interest online.

The Big Lead, ranked on of the top sports blogs online (JuicedSportsblog ranked them worth $1,833,380) posted yesterday about how the American soccer community is giving women’s professional soccer another try.

Although this post is a big misogynistic at first (reflecting the overall tone toward women on top sports blogs)…

“Writing for a lad-maggy blog, I should probably make a Sepp Blatter-style comment about tighter uniforms or include a snarky marketing slogan like “WPS, like the WNBA but attractive.””

He then concludes by actually giving credit to the women who play hard.

“But, seriously, I wish the U.S. women well.  They display more testicular fortitude than the Mens’ team ever has.”

I guess we should say thanks?

Just a side note – to get an idea of the type of fans these blogs have take a look at the comments, which reflect their attitude toward women.

Warning: do not comment on The Big Lead’s blog post. These type of blogs get paid based upon how many comments they recieve. Often, writing about women’s sports online causes a lot of misogynistic comments to come out of the woodwork. I guess these guys really don’t have anything better to do.

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I came across and commented on a blog post that pissed me off today. Here we have a guy named Wendell Wallace who writes a blog called The Arena, where he expresses his opinions about sports. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly the opinions everyone wants to hear.

Yesterday, Wendell posted about the USA Women’s Softball team, who has been beating up on their competition and is now in the medal rounds, fighting for the gold. But their talent and success doesn’t seem to be inspiring Wendell to write about them. It has more to do with their looks.

He starts by saying statements that could mistakenly be taken as positive remarks about “class” that female athletes possess on the field.

” During these Olympics though, I have found myself watching the USA woman’s softball team, beating up on their competition like they were impersonating the USA men’s basketball team. I enjoy the pace of the women’s game;the women aren’t spitting every other second, or playing with themselves on every swing”

Then he goes on to show his true colors as he says,

“(even though, if Jennie Finch wants to play with herself, THAT’S ALRIGHT WITH ME!!!).”

The reason he started blogging? To be a talk show host on sports talk radio.  Lofty goals for a guy who thinks so much of us women. In fact, he thinks so highly of us that this is what he had to say…

“I hope they’re opportunities for women to play sports professionally in America and make a ton of money doing it until the end of time. Saying all that, you still couldn’t get me to watch a woman’s (fill in the sport here) if they were playing naked in my backyard (for the most part!!!).”

If I were hiring for a sports talk radio host, the first think I’d do is check someone’s blog to see their views on a variety of sports subjects, just to get an idea on whether or not they’re capable of saying something stupid that could get my station in trouble. Maybe that’s why he’s still looking?

This is just more evidence that male sports bloggers SERIOUSLY need to stop covering our “asses” and start covering our athletes.

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Thanks for this one, Total Pro Sports. Seems like I’m getting more and more evidence every day.

Included on this disgusting list are Jenny Finch, Kerry Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, Dara Torres, Chen Xiaoli. Ok, so all five are stars. Four are from USA. One is randomly from China, and hers has my favorite comment,

“Almost two meters of Chinese hotness.  I bet she has a pair of chicken balls under those shorts.”

I think “DanD” wins on the “Beyond ignorance: sexism PLUS added racism = I’m stupid” award. Any company who advertises or associates with that blog is plain stupid. Law suit waiting to happen.

These women have been working hard their whole lives on becoming Olympic athletes, and once they get to this level, they’re immediately materialized by their male counterparts’ fans. So typical, and so disappointing.

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According to The Nutz blog, it seems to be only what we look like, not so much how well we play…

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Here’s a bit of news that you wouldn’t find on any mainstream sports blogs…

Claiming the 2008 World Championship of Women’s Football, the H-Town Cyclones beat the West Michigan Mayhem 39-10. This is the first time in history the South has won the Women’s Football championship.

Rassin McIntosh took home Offensive MVP (first picture, below) and Renee Cosby took home Devensive MVP (second picture, below)

To be honest, I didn’t even know that the NWFA exited until today. This is a sport that displays aggression and strategy, and could really use some publicity, particularly online.

NWFA has teams located in most major cities (check out their site).

Some interesting information about the NWFA:

“The NWFA was formed in August, 2000 by well known sports and entertainment entrepreneur, Catherine Masters. Masters, who has more than 25 years experience in the top levels of these industries, decided it was time for women to have the chance to play full contact football in a well organized and professionally run league. Starting with two teams, the Nashville Dream and the Alabama Renegades, the league held a pre-season showcase of six games. This pre-season ran from October 14, 2000 until December 2, 2000. The pre-season was a rousing success with thousands of fans in the stands and incredible support from the media worldwide.

In the years that followed, the NWFA expanded to include over 40 teams from Maine to Florida and from Baltimore to the West Coast and everything in between.”

Very, very cool. Who is going to be the first to start an NWFA team in Washington, DC?

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