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It seems there is a problem with Nike’s new “Here I Am” campaign, at least when it is used in the same sentence with “Just Do It.”

The slogan, launched in Europe, is intended to promote exercise without being too aggressive, appealing to the “normal woman” (whatever that may be).

But the problem, according to Adrants, is

“The actionable “do it” portion of the parent tagline is seen to be a bit, well, awkwardly demeaning when placed next to the more submissive “Here I Am.” So is Nike telling the bulk of its audience to just do it with submissive women in Europe who will just lay down and say “here I am?”

Honestly, that’s NOT what I thought when I heard the name of the campaign. They’re way off.

Maybe the problem isn’t necessarily the slogan? How about the possibility cultures across the world are a bit sexist when it comes to women?

Personally, I like the slogan. I think it makes a great statement for female athletes in particular. “Here I Am” means “I’m here, and you should pay attention to what I can do.” I love it, and I think Nike is onto something.

It doesn’t screw with the Nike brand, as Adrants insists. Instead, it caters to a particular audience and enhances it. That, my friends, is a great investment.


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Thanks for this one, Total Pro Sports. Seems like I’m getting more and more evidence every day.

Included on this disgusting list are Jenny Finch, Kerry Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, Dara Torres, Chen Xiaoli. Ok, so all five are stars. Four are from USA. One is randomly from China, and hers has my favorite comment,

“Almost two¬†meters of Chinese hotness.¬† I bet she has a pair of chicken balls under those shorts.”

I think “DanD” wins on the “Beyond ignorance: sexism PLUS added racism = I’m stupid” award. Any company who advertises or associates with that blog is plain stupid. Law suit waiting to happen.

These women have been working hard their whole lives on becoming Olympic athletes, and once they get to this level, they’re immediately materialized by their male counterparts’ fans. So typical, and so disappointing.

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