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As for the recent comments Hillary made about Robert Kennedy’s assationation, they were completely blown out of context (as usual). 

Defending her ongoing presence in the Democratic nomination — in that anything can happen, she said, “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

These words were met with quick criticism (as they always are) by the Obama campaign. She quickly apologized and expressed her deepest sympathy for the family, including an expression of sympathy for current Senator Kennedy’s recent diagnosis with a brain tumor.

But, as Bronson pointed out on his/her comment yesturday, the press is quick to turn on you when you say something strong and impulsive. The reason: because it was deamed threatening to Senator Obama’s safety.

But, let’s all be adults here and remember that her comment was an expression of REALITY.  I mean, it was a bit harsh, but hey, let’s get real. We all know what she really meant. Anything can happen. She simply used the Kennedy situation as an example. Unfortunately,  the American public has a particularly hard time with dealing with reality.

Unfotunately (Obama supporters) these remarks will NOT be the end to her political career. It’s only the beginning. And if it doesn’t happen now (which would be unfortunate for our healthcare and economy), it will happen in 2012.

I’d like to thank Bronson for posting a great comment on my article yesturday about Hillary’s numbers. I always apprecaite it when readers leave comments that are both interesting and helpful. (And I’m always ready to post, accept, and respond to criticism).



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This past week, there has been talk about Obama “closing” out the nomination. Reporters are calling on him to start looking for a VP, and they’re deaming Hillary as “crazy” (typical) for staying in the race. But, to  my surprise, on page A19 in the “Commentary” section of Friday’s Philadelphia Inquirer… a glimmer of hope.

There appears an article entitled, “In most inclusive count, Clinton has the numbers.”


Columnist Jonathan Last evaluates the various ways you can count the votes of the Democratic nomination. He basically says there are six different ways of looking at this, and nobody knows for sure what will come of this. If you look at the most inclusive way to count the votes (popular vote plus Florida, Michigan and the caucuses) Hillary is actually winning.

Here are the six ways to look at this:

1) The popular vote of sanctioned contests
2) The total of sanctioned contests, plus the caucuses: Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington
3) The popular vote plus Florida
4) The popular vote plus Florida and caucuses
5) The popular vote plus Florida and Michigan
6) The popular vote plus Florida, Michigan and the caucuses

The sixth way is the most inclusive. If you look at THESE numbers, Clinton leads Obama by 71,301 votes.

Now, despite what the  media is telling everyone, THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION IS NOT OVER. Obama is expected to lose in the remaining contests of Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota. As Jonathan says, “It is quite possible that Clinton can take the lead in ALL of the popular vote tabulations.”

Jonathan then goes on to say that the reason there is a “chorus calling for Clinton’s withdrawal” is because they’re actually scared that she can pull this out.

Clinton is staying in the race is becuase she is trying to win the popular vote. If she does this, the delegates will have to answer the question as to why the popular vote doesn’t matter. (If you think back to the previous Presidential election, many people wonder why George Bush was elected, yet Al Gore won the popular vote).

So this race could go on for quite some time, despite all the crap that everyone is saying about her needing to drop out.  HILLARY IS STILL WINNING STATES. This fact CANNOT be ignored. 

It’s only fair that Howard Dean and the other leaders of the Democratic party allow Michigan and Florida to participate in the convention. They are part of this country, too. It’s time for our country (and our Democratic party) to stop whining and grow up. Everyone’s voice must be heard in order for this to be a truely just nomination.

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HillaryIt seems only fitting that I post following today’s results in West Virginia. I have a few thoughts on the current Presidential race, a few of which were spurred by today’s headline.

New York Times headline: Clinton Wins West Virginia, With Race a Factor.  Interesting headline choice. Right below that headline is another article entitled ‘Almost Nominee’ Status Keeps Obama in Limbo. Shocker. As a paper that is very democratic and whose editors are pro-Hillary (because NY is her home state), it seems they, too are jumping on the Obama bandwaggon when it comes to reporting the “real” news.  And this is nothing new.

Why couldn’t the headline simply be, “Clinton Wins West Virginia”?

INSTEAD, the article reads, “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lopsided victory over Senator Barack Obama was fueled by strong support from white, working-class voters. ”

So, this couldn’t possibly be becuase SHE IS A QUALIFIED CANDIDATE. No, it must mean that the voters in West Viriginia are racist.

This is such crap.

HOWEVER, I must say, even though the reporting is AWFUL, there is some good that comes of this. It highlights the fact that if race is, in fact, a factor, then it means that Senator Obama will have quite a hard time defeating Senator McCain for the white vote.

However, I think we should give the citizens of the U.S. a little more credit. I doubt they’d vote for a candidate based upon race any more than they’d vote for a candidate based upon gender.

Or would they? (see my previous post)

Where is our country headed? If we let race and gender influence the way we elect or political leaders, then we have bigger problems than the war in Iraq or a dwindling healthcare system.

Sports taught me that it didn’t matter if you were black or white, boy or girl, good hair or bad hair, rich or poor. If you could play and you worked hard, you’d earn a spot on the court. The same should be true in our political system. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more clear that this is simply not the case.

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