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The Olympic Open Ceremony (7:30pm ET on Friday August 8 on NBC) is an exciting time. And outfits are certainly interesting. Check out the below outfits published here.

And the U.S. guys will be sporting…

I don’t think this is too bad, (considering the competition). Check out France…  toned-down Dick Tracy meets Miss “I’m sitting in cafe in Paris with my latte.”

Or how about China… McDonald’s anyone?

And what the hell is up with Canada?


Here is a link to some of the other outfits. What does everyone think about this?


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Thanks for this one, Total Pro Sports. Seems like I’m getting more and more evidence every day.

Included on this disgusting list are Jenny Finch, Kerry Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, Dara Torres, Chen Xiaoli. Ok, so all five are stars. Four are from USA. One is randomly from China, and hers has my favorite comment,

“Almost two meters of Chinese hotness.  I bet she has a pair of chicken balls under those shorts.”

I think “DanD” wins on the “Beyond ignorance: sexism PLUS added racism = I’m stupid” award. Any company who advertises or associates with that blog is plain stupid. Law suit waiting to happen.

These women have been working hard their whole lives on becoming Olympic athletes, and once they get to this level, they’re immediately materialized by their male counterparts’ fans. So typical, and so disappointing.

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