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Each week, I will be featuring Her Sports Rounds, a blog round-up of the best postings on women’s sports.

From stories of the best athletes to funny YouTube videos and Presidential nominees’ comments on Title IX, the women’s sports blogosphere brought a lot of great information to the table this week!

Sheila Weaver over at She Loves Sports reports on Europe’s sports woman of the year, Olympic pole vault champion and world record holder Yelena Isinbayeva.

At the Athletic Women Blog, Rob Mars posts a video of female athletes (namely Vicki Unus) in the circus from the 1960’s. Totally cool!

Over at C and R’s Stanford Women’s Basketball Blog, there are some funny YouTube videos that made me laugh – and wish I were somewhere near Stanford to see their games. My favorite is the Media Day video, found here.

Over at The Final Sprint, U.S. middle distance runner Sara Hall blogs about how she is re-inspired and motivated to start a new season.

Over at the Title IX blog, Kris discusses Senator McCain’s comment on Title IX and his concern for popular athletic programs that have been cut due to the need for equal funding for male and female athletic programs. Kris says,

“I have yet to see (though would be happy to) an athletic department that is equally funding its men’s and women’s programs.”

At Pretty Tough, Jane Schonberger praises Sports Illustrated for Faces in the Crowd, which covers females and males equally (shocker – because this publication usually doesn’t). Jane says,

“In addition to featuring athletes in sports such as soccer, volleyball and cross country, the magazine highlights girls who are participating in less traditional pursuits.”

Over at Women Like Sports, in her “Tales from the Inbox” post, Apryl Delancey discusses Lyndsey D’Arcangelo‘s new book, The Trouble with Emily Dickinson, and the Women’s Sports Foundation’s V is for Victory video campaign.

At the Women’s Hoops blog, Steve posts about Northwestern’s new coach Joe McKeown. Steve says, “seems to me he’s a good fit for the place.”

Over at the Women’s Sports blog, they discuss how Lorena Ochoa was featured in the Mexican version of British gossip mag Hello!. They say,

“It gives  lie to the yammerers who keep insisting she’s not that popular in the U.S. because she’s ‘unattractive,’ while at the same time emphasizes stereotypical class privilege and femininity at the expense of being real.  Ah, the magazine industry.”

– If I missed a great blog post, please be sure to add it to the comments below!


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The Women’s Sports Foundation is holding a poll/contest on their Web site to select two champion athletes (one team, one individual) for their Sportswoman of the Year Award.

Award winners will be announced on October 14, 2008, and honored at the Annual Salute to Women in Sports Awards Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Cast your vote by midnight, September 2, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of five items autographed by your favorite sportswomen.

The nominees for the “team” category are:
– Patty Cisneros
– Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Ermakova
– Sandra Kiriasis
– Jessica Mendoza
– Hannah Nielsen
– Candace Parker
– Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh
– Marta Vieira da Silva
– Hayley Wickenheiser
– Venus and Serena Williams

The nominees for the “individual” category are:
– Mao Asada
– Veronica Campbell-Brown
– Natalie Coughlin
-Ashley Fiolek
– Allison Fisher
– Yelena Isinbayeva
– Nastia Liukin
– Lorena Ochoa
– Lindsey Vonn
– Rebecca Ward

I guess I’m a fan of the Olympics (or that’s what’s on the top of my mind) because I voted for Misty-May Treanor for the “team” category and Nastia Liukin for the “individual” category. I know the contest is based on more than just Olympic performances, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I encourage everyone to vote!!!

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Thank you, ESPN!!! You covered women’s sports at the ESPY’s. On Thursday night, you gave these girls what they deserve – public attention and admiration, something they don’t always see. Also, thank you to the Women’s Sports Foundation, who bring the blow information (and other great information) to their site.

Inaugurated in 1993, the ESPY Awards honor the moments we remember, the athletes who inspire us, and the teams we won’t soon forget while raising money for the V Foundation, basketball legend Jim Valvano’s cancer research charity. The winners of the coveted ESPY Award are decided solely by the online voting from fans; categories include best team, best moment, best game, and best male and female athlete.

The outstanding women up for best female athlete were Lindsey Vonn, Lorena Ochoa, Candace Parker and Danica Patrick.

Parker took home the award, who is in her rookie season in the WNBA, playing for the L.A. Sparks. She was recognized for playing through her shoulder injury to lead Tennessee to its second consecutive championship.

Other female athletes recognized for their extraordinary achievement on Wednesday night included Lorena Ochoa as best international female athlete, Maria Sharapova for best female tennis player and Parker again for best college athlete. The softball players of Central Washington, who carried an opponent from Western Oregon around the bases to score the winning run after an injury disabled her, took home the ESPY for Best Moment. [I personally think her fame can be attributed to Web 2.0, the blogosphere and the use of social media – her YouTube video (link above) is incredibly popular]

Gretchen Bleiler, a snowboard icon who took home the ESPY for best female action-sports star, commented on the importance of the recognition of women and their success. “Women enjoy watching other women perform. It’s inspiring to see females being recognized and achieving their goals,” she said.

AWESOME night for women’s sports. Should hopefully draw some attention, and anticipate a good response from fans.

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