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On Saturday night, Gina Carano, the best women’s mixed martial arts fighter in the world, beat Kelly Kobold in an Elite XC: Heat card event. This win improved Carano’s pro MMA record to 7-0.

Saturday’s matchup against Kobold was certainly a big one, and Carano performed great. For the three rounds, the judges scored 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27. To read more details on the fight, visit EliteXC.

The fight generated some nice media attention which is reflective of the sports’ emerging popularity. For example, the LA Times featured an article on Friday about Carano, considered the No. 1 women’s mixed martial arts fighter in the world.

After the fight, Carano announced that she expects to fight Cris Cyborg, who also won on Saturday night. According to EliteXC, the matchup against Cyborg would be the biggest fight in the history of women’s MMA.


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Gina Carano, an undefeated Xtreme Couture fighter (6-0), is starting to become known as the “face” of women’s mixed martial arts (MMA).

However, according to MMAjunkie.com, this is not exactly the type of label she wishes to hold.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, MMA is a full contact combat sport that employs various fighting techniques which combine martial arts traditions with non-traditions in competitions. From my understanding, you’re allowed to strike and grapple in this sport (aka – beat the crap out of each other).

Women’s MMA is gaining popularity in the martial arts arena. In particular, Gina Carano, EliteXC poster-girl, is generating attention. Right now, she’s gearing up to fight Kelly Kobald (16-2-1) on October 4.

However, as I mentioned earlier, “the face of MMA” is not exactly the type of title she’d like to hold.

Here’s what she told reporters:

“I am a recognized female in the sport, but I don’t think that I am the face of women’s MMA,” Carano said. “It’s just a label. I’m Gina Carano. You can label me that.”

However, she’s excited the sport is gaining attention.

“It’s been unbelievable to be at the forefront of women’s MMA,” Carano admitted. “Raising the recognition of the sport has been a blessing. The fan support has been amazing. I’m standing up here because of the fans.”

Her upcoming bout with Kobald will certainly be exciting, and the anticipation is generating some buzz in the MMA community, as Kobald, after debuting in 2002, went undefeated through her first 17 bouts.

“I’ve got one of the toughest fights of my life coming up,” Carano said. “I’m coming ready to fight. I’m going to give it my all.”

My favorite quote from Carano is her explanation as to why she likes to compete.

“Everyone has their own niche in life,” Carano said. “I just seem to gravitate towards physical violence.”

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At 50 years old, Nancy Lieberman is making a comeback to professional basketball.

Here’s what she had to say to ESPN:

“It’s really a one-game deal,” Lieberman said in a telephone interview. “My motivation stems from the fact that I love this game and I never stopped playing it whether it’s a pickup game with Deion Sanders and Tony Romo at a church or at a park with my son.”

It seems all too convenient that this is happening the same week that the fight broke out. Bill LaimbeerĀ  an ESPN analyst, refutes this, however.

“This is not a gimmick,” Laimbeer insisted. “I talked to her last year about this and again two weeks ago. This opportunity probably would’ve happened if we didn’t have the incident the other night.”

However, Lieberman’s spot opened up when forward Cheryl Ford suffered a season-ending knee injury Tuesday night during the fight.

All I have to say is, if I had a “season-ending” knee injury because of some idiot fight that my teammates got involved in, I’d be a little more than pissed off!

That said, even if this contract is only for one game, GO NANCY!!!

Here’s a little background from ESPN on her professional career (if you’re not already familiar with her): Lieberman was the general manager and coach of the Shock from 1998-2000. During her professional playing career, she averaged 15.7 points, 6.4 rebounds and 6.1 assists. She played at Old Dominion University from 1976-80, helping the school win two national titles, and played for the U.S. Olympic team in 1976 and 1980. Lieberman was the first woman to play professionally with men as part of the USBL’s Springfield Fame in 1986.

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The wrath has been disclosed in response to Tuesday night’s mayhem fight in the WBNA.

Detroit Shock assistant coach Rick Mahorn as well as 10 players were suspended for contributing to the fight that made headlines across the world. In total, four were ejected from the game on Tuesday night, and now eleven people received suspensions.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened (from ESPN): [Candace] Parker and [Plenette] Pierson got tangled up and fell to the court. Deanna Nolan tackled Parker and Mahorn appeared to push [Lisa] Leslie to the court. [Delisha] Milton-Jones responded by punching Mahorn in the back.

(The last part is my favorite!!!)

Plenette Pierson of the Shock was suspended for four games, the harshest penalty, for initiating and escalating the fight. Mahorn was suspended for two games, as were Shannon Bobbitt and Murriel Page of the Sparks. Sparks’ Candace Parker and DeLisha Milton-Jones, meanwhile, were banned one game each.

According to ESPN, here’s what the WNBA has to say about it:

“The WNBA and its players represent all that is good about sports: passion, hard work and sacrifice,” WNBA president Donna Orender said in a statement released by the league. “On a nightly basis our players display extraordinary skill, athleticism and competitive fire. The events Tuesday, however, were inexcusable and in no way indicative of what the league stands for. We hold our players to a very high standard and these suspensions should serve notice that the behavior exhibited at the end of Tuesday’s game will not be tolerated.”

Though I would never approve of the behavior exhibited the other night, I have to say, ladies – you did a great job of showing the world that you have aggression, a value that is coveted in the highly-popularized sports of our male counterparts.

Mahorn did an excellent job of making himself look like an asshole.

The disciplinary action is well-deserved for all.

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In a game last night between Detroit and Los Angeles, a fight broke out. It seems like there was a long of pushing and shoving, but it boiled down to Candace Parker of the LA Sparks and Plenette Pierson of Detroit Shock. The benches cleared on this one.

Well, this is one way we can draw fans and attention. (Not so sure if it’s the type of attention we want, though)

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