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With MLB smack in the middle of their playoffs and football season in full swing, it can sometimes be difficult to pay attention to what’s going on with our women’s pro basketball teams.

But I can assure you this: the WNBA finals are going to be exciting. Watch game 2 tonight at 7:30pm EST on ESPN2 as the Stars try and answer back to Detroit’s one game lead.

As ESPN’s Michelle Voepel puts it, “Not surprisingly, the Shock and the Silver Stars said the same thing on Thursday: Game 1 — a 77-69 Detroit victory — doesn’t mean anything.”

According to Voepel, there are benefits to both teams right now.

The Shock have won two WNBA titles and were runner-up last year. Detroit is playing for the championship for the third consecutive season. However, they’re fighting against San Antonio, who had two fantastic finishes on its home court in the Western Conference finals against Los Angeles.

The Shock’s two “old-timers” — Taj McWilliams-Franklin and Katie Smith — are catalysts in scoring, while Deanna Nolan sets the tone on defense and commands so much attention on offense that the rest of the Shock benefits.

What’s more:  Kate Smith is something truly amazing to watch. She turned 34 in June, and shows that when the situation calls for it, she can still be, as Voepel says, “one of the most reliable and fearless shooters in the sport.”

San Antonio’s guard Becky Hammon is  clear, critical threat on offense and Sophia Young came out of the regular season averaging 17.5 ppg. These girls came to play and stand up to what the Shock have to offer.

But beyond the games themselves, the WNBA’s Web site has so much to offer their fans which adds to the playoff experience. In fact, it almost makes you feel like you are part of the team and that you actually know these players personally simply by reading their blogs.

If you’re a Detroit fan, you read about how Taj McWilliams Franklin is feeling while heading into the finals and how Deanna Nolan feels about her team’s match-up against the Stars.

Or, if you’re more of a San Antonio fan, you can read about how Sophia Young feels she is living a dream.

There’s all kinds of information up there, anything you’d ever want to find. I encourage you to check it out and watch the WNBA finals tonight at 7:30pm on ESPN2.

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