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Awhile back, I posted about Kacy Stuart, a prospective high school place-kicker in Georgia (kicks 50-yard field goals) who was dismissed from the New Creation Center Crusaders, a private Christian academy in McDonough, Ga., for being a girl.

Today, Kacy’s mom, Angie Stuart, posted a comment on my blog asking readers to write Hank St. Denis, executive board chairman of New Creation Center, and ask him to reconsider his decision to boot Kacy from the team.

First, Angie, it’s totally awesome that you’re so supportive of your daughter. I’m sure she’s thankful to have you in her life.

Second, you’re doing a great job of posting on blogs. Keep it up. This is where you’ll find your support (see my blogroll).

I highly encourage everyone who reads this to jump on board. Take five minutes and write a letter. Support a girl who breaks gender barriers through athletics. It’s the only way to create change in a world that sometimes resists.

Here is where you can write Hank St. Denis:

Hank St. Dennis
905 Ferncroft Court
Roswell, Ga. 30075

I searched for an e-mail address and couldn’t find one. However, according to this discussion thread, you can contact electronically here.


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I recently came across an article from the Title IX blog which discusses how female kicker Kacy Stuart, a prospective high school place-kicker in Georgia, was dismissed from the New Creation Center Crusaders, a private Christian academy in McDonough, Ga.

Why? Because she’s a girl.

And here’s the kicker (hehe)…. she can kick 50 yard field goals!

Apparently she had been practicing with the Crusaders for two months. According to Kacy’s mother, that all ended when executive board chairman Hank St. Denis discovered a girl was playing on the team.

“St. Denis then requested Kacy not be allowed to play, effectively overturning New Creation’s decision to grant her a spot on the team,” says ESPN.

Now, that doesn’t sound very “Christian” to me.

This is all very different from Kacy’s middle school experience. At Union Grove Middle School, a public institution, Kacy and her team went to the state finals.

According to an article in Current, Kacy’s talent was discovered by her high school gym teacher.

“I was playing kickball in 8th grade and my P.E. teacher saw me kick. He thought I had potential, so I played on his football team,” Kacy said.

Kacy’s mother said,

“We’ll file for an injunction if we have to. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep her on the team.”

Love her!

Here’s Kacy’s view of the whole thing…

Kacy says sometimes people ask her why she doesn’t play a “girl” sport, or why she’s not a cheerleader. “People were built for different things,” she said. “I’m built to be a kicker. I just don’t understand why people don’t accept the fact that I like football and I want to play football.”

Go Kacy! I hope you win! You deserve to be out there.

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I promised myself I wouldn’t get to heavily involved in politics, but I HAVE to throw a shout out to a fellow female sports blogger from Chicks in the Huddle who posted this week.

Here’s what nolachick had to say:

“Pardon me for being a little testy. I’m sleep deprived, recently discovered a stress related zit on my cheek, was forced to turn down an offer from John McCain to be his running mate due to my year of experience running Chicks in the Huddle, and I haven’t had a pedicure in weeks.”

Hahhaaha! That made me laugh. Love it!

She went on to criticize reporters for speculating that the Saints are moving to LA due to recent weather.

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Here’s a bit of news that you wouldn’t find on any mainstream sports blogs…

Claiming the 2008 World Championship of Women’s Football, the H-Town Cyclones beat the West Michigan Mayhem 39-10. This is the first time in history the South has won the Women’s Football championship.

Rassin McIntosh took home Offensive MVP (first picture, below) and Renee Cosby took home Devensive MVP (second picture, below)

To be honest, I didn’t even know that the NWFA exited until today. This is a sport that displays aggression and strategy, and could really use some publicity, particularly online.

NWFA has teams located in most major cities (check out their site).

Some interesting information about the NWFA:

“The NWFA was formed in August, 2000 by well known sports and entertainment entrepreneur, Catherine Masters. Masters, who has more than 25 years experience in the top levels of these industries, decided it was time for women to have the chance to play full contact football in a well organized and professionally run league. Starting with two teams, the Nashville Dream and the Alabama Renegades, the league held a pre-season showcase of six games. This pre-season ran from October 14, 2000 until December 2, 2000. The pre-season was a rousing success with thousands of fans in the stands and incredible support from the media worldwide.

In the years that followed, the NWFA expanded to include over 40 teams from Maine to Florida and from Baltimore to the West Coast and everything in between.”

Very, very cool. Who is going to be the first to start an NWFA team in Washington, DC?

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